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Industrial Property

Our expertise in the area of industrial property law covers both trademarks and other distinctive signs (domain names, corporate names, trade names, brands, designations of origin), industrial design law, patent law, and the methods used to protect technical knowledge (know-how, semiconductor products, plant varieties). In addition, we have extensive experience in the areas related to industrial property such as civil liability, which is frequently invoked in intellectual property litigation (unfair competition and parasitism).



Literary and Artistic Property

We provide services to our clients in matters involving copyright (publishing, graphic arts, photography, audiovisual works, digital works, multimedia works, music, applied arts and design, architecture, fashion design, advertising works), the rights related to copyright (performers, phonogram producers, video game publishers, broadcasting companies) and database producers’ rights.

We also have a strong background in the areas of law related to literary and artistic property such as image rights, advertising, or communications law.



Information Technology

We routinely handle matters involving all areas of computer law, internet law, and e-commerce and network law.

In particular, we assist our clients in drafting and implementing all the contractual documents necessary to protect and exploit digital works (development and exploitation of software solutions, collaborative platforms, social networks, connected objects), determining the liability of the various internet players (ISP, publishers, hosting companies, search engines), or organizing the defense of their legal rights.